Networking is one of the top priorities to have in order to run a successful business.

However, many of us don’t look forward to walking into a huge room and introducing

yourself to a bunch of strangers. To help ease the anxiety here are a couple of tips to

utilize while building relationships:


1. Resist the urge to arrive late. Showing up early to a networking event is the best

thing you can do. As the first person to arrive you get to size­up the room and pick out

which business partners you would like to talk with. You’ll find that your nerves will be

calmer when you arrive earlier verses walking into a crowded room full of unfamiliar


2. Ask easy questions. Be confident in yourself and your branch and approach other

people with simple questions such as, “What brings you to this event” or “What do you

do?” Remember to listen attentively to their responses.


3. Ditch the sales pitch. Always remember networking is about building a relationship

with other people. Keep your conversations informal and fun, there is no need to be so

serious and sell your pitch so quickly within meeting a person. The main idea when

attending networking events is to get the conversation started and make connections. If

potential customers do ask you about your business be prepared for an easy description

about your company.


4. Share your passion. There is nothing more noble than seeing the passion in someone

when they talk about their business. Strive to leave a lasting impression with the people

you meet by sharing a story of why you enjoy the business that your in and what inspired

you to start your company. When you share your passion you get other people excited to

share their passion to you.


5. Smile. It’s simple but often people for get what a smile can do. When you smile you

can make others feel more comfortable and it’s also a warm invitation. Always remember

to smile before entering a room and starting your net conversation.


6. Remember to follow up. Always, always, always follow up. If you’ve had a great

exchange with someone always ask the best way to stay in touch. Get in touch within 48

hours of the networking event to show you’re interested and available.

Readers, what’s your best networking tip?