Boston, MA – Laundry. It is one of those things that some people let pile up until they have no clothes left to wear. Then they are faced with the task of having to wash a mountain of laundry, which can take a decent amount of time. Many of us have hectic schedules, making it hard to find the time of day to do laundry, especially if it’s at the laundromat. Thankfully, there is now a way to get rid of all your laundry woes. An innovative new app called NimNim, offers laundry and dry cleaning services on demand. “Nimnim empowers its customers to dictate the way they want their laundry done. No gimmicks, no run around, no hassle. Just specify your preferences and then sit back and enjoy the elite class service Nimnim has to offer.” Now, with the help of NimNim, people have access to a number of laundry services right at their fingertips. The app allows you to select from three tasks: Laundry, Dry-Cleaning and even Shoe Repair. You then select your location, whether it’s at home, the office, or a different location, and then pick the time that works best for you. After that, the driver will send you a notification 15 minutes before your pick-up or delivery will arrive.

App Screenshot
App Screenshot

Founder of NimNim, Akshay Sahani, provided Au’loni with some great insight into his business along with its roots. Studying Finance and Entrepreneurship at Northeastern University, along with two co-ops in his time there, set him on the road to creating this unique app. Mr. Sahani’s time employed at AppNeta, where he gained an extensive amount of experience working with code, is what led him to get into the app space. “Being a college student and being a working professional, I always had laundry and dry cleaning to do. These were some of the biggest challenges because time was something I never had in my hands. In today’s world, you know how important time is.” This is where the idea for NimNim blossomed. Mr. Sahani had wanted to go off on his own and this was the perfect opportunity. It was a combination of everything he was passionate about and skilled in. He also explained some of the obstacles he faced in the early stages of development. “From a technology perspective, one was understanding exactly what kind of product the customer really wanted. Did they want a basic technology app or did they want something more detailed?” From their first t the current version, NimNim has addressed this obstacle, saying that the new version is beautiful and “is what the customer really wanted.” Being completely bootstrapped also proved to be a major challenge for Mr. Sahani. Yet as they have grown from one customer to hundreds of customers, NimNim has overcome their initial financial burden. “For me and my brother, who started this venture, it’s really the persistence, determination, and the willingness to help others, that keeps us going on a daily basis.”

What makes NimNim even more unique is their completely customer-centric approach with all of their services. “Every customer is treated differently and every customer has a different need. They need someone that they can rely on to do what they need to get done.” They stay on top of their orders until they have been delivered right to the customer, making sure that each individual’s needs are met with zero discrepancies. “There are a lot of services that have existed in this market for decades, since it is such a basic necessity. But, there hasn’t been anything that is really customer-centric and driven on a need by need basis. They haven’t given you the respect you deserve, paying for such quality services”. This sets NimNim apart from any other service within the market. It has also aided them in being successful by keeping customers happy and constantly using their services.

Mr. Sahani also discussed the ways that other entrepreneurs can see success. “For myself, I am learning every day and constantly challenging myself by taking on things I haven’t done. The times when you feel defeated are the times that you have to pick yourself up and go ten times further.” Mr. Sahani also has some plans to go forward with NimNim, hoping to one day become a national or global service. While he couldn’t reveal some of the short term goals, he wants to have a NimNim for everyone who needs to get anything taken care of for them, anytime they need, but in a fashion where they feel as if they are doing it themselves.

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