The History of Style

By Chanette Sparks


Nyla Elise is one of those clothing brands that you just can’t help but love!

Based in North Carolina, the grassroots clothing company is unique in so many ways and it provides an intense foundation of diversity, as well as creativity through its organic designs. With hand-made garments made for any and every one, it’s definitely a challenge to “not” find what you’re looking for.  AuLoni Magazine’s team was so impressed with Nyla Elise and their trademark within communities that we wanted to know more about its historical beginnings. We just had to know who was behind such a dynamic brand!

Rick Moore always knew that he was different. At a very young age, he had tons of natural talents and was exceptional at succeeding, especially in sports. T-ball was one of his favorites, which he also highlights as a valuable life-changing time leading to his current success and also when he began to vison life differently.

Prior to establishing Nyla Elise, Rick was selling mixtapes to partygoers at a local flea market in his area to make extra cash. The entrepreneur shared that he was always selling something to make money, and that he even sold air fresheners during business hours at hair salons and barbershops. It wasn’t until a heat pressing opportunity presented itself that Rick began to drive his talents towards the T-shirt designing industry. He realized that he had tapped a vein by creating products that couldn’t be found in stores. Studying relentlessly to learn his newfound industry, he designed a strategy and set out to find the equipment he needed to further enforce his ideas.

Rick expressed that during that phase in his life, he encountered many sleepless nights by doing what he was beginning to truly love. He wasn’t quite interested in creating new age apparel, however, old school apparel that artistically reflected the 1950’s and 60’s  political activist, scholars, and authors that were prominent leaders. At a time where the economy was experiencing hardship, Rick wanted to make a bold statement. He wanted to create a movement and make a difference in communities-with quality products that would make people feel good. Today he is most passionate about his humble beginnings and he appreciates both the positive and negative experiences that they made him into the man he has become.

“Nyla Elise was never about being rich. It was and still is about being better, stronger, and faster.”-Rick Moore

When we asked Rick about influential figures in his life he reminisced a bit. Rick Shared: My mother was a hard worker. She was always working to provide for the family. However, I knew that she loved me and my two younger sisters. She believed in me and instilled confidence, strength and greatness. My mother could never tell me how to do it, but she would tell me that she knew “I” could do it.

Besides his mother, Rick says that two successful and wealthy businessman in his city, Bobby Murray and Bob Sprouts, showed him a different reality at a ripe age. “I played T-ball with their children and they treated me as I was their own son or grandson. I wasn’t raised in the finest neighborhoods growing up, so being able to see the best of both worlds kept me grounded, but exposed me to various opportunities.”

The name Nyla Elise holds significance to Rick Moore, as it’s his daughter’s name.

To find out more about or to connect with Rick and the Nyla Elise team, visit:

Twitter: @NylaElise