With a world full of well-established entrepreneurs and business men and women, we never talk about those young business people who are currently pushing through. 24-year-old, Olivia Jade has many talents, and has found ways, and is still finding ways to use those talents to help others. “I love people,” she exclaimed, as she shared herself with Au’loni Magazine. Before she could help others, she had to first find herself, so her search started with her name: Olivia Jade. Finding out that her name means both peace, firm and, perfectionist (Olivia), and free spirited (Jade), she continued with her personal brand.

Image-1Going to school for journalism, you could say Olivia is an expert in writing. She uses her expertise by blogging. Being on Facebook, Olivia, by popular demand because of her inspirational posts, made a Twitter, posting poetry, positive words, and making connections, she pushed through and created Drinking the Sun. This blog, full of life and positive energy was made “to help everyone who is going through the things that I have and still am going through.” From family issues to depression, this blog is a “testament of growth.” Sometimes it’s not about the cool gadgets we create to help people, but the positive energy and words we put out, and Olivia makes this clear.

From social media, to blogging, Olivia is coming out with a book called Open Letters to My Open Scars. Relating to those who are going through hardships, Oliva shows these open scars, and also shows the healing process. In a nutshell, Olivia gives us faith in humanity, by using her artsy talents to just wanting to help people. Life coach is another thing on her list of talents, using her experience to help others push through. Whether you need some positive energy, follow her Twitter, @glassofojade, or you need help with growth check out her blog, and look out for book.