(Raleigh, NC) When you think of a woman being a diva, you typically think of a prima donna or a drama queen; not a female chef or professional caterer.

Founder and visionary of Divas In the Kitchen LLC, Shavannah Moore has her own personal beliefs of what it means to be a diva. Also known as DITK, the leading lady didn’t want to be known as anything other than a determined woman that could do anything that she put her mind to. With a vision that stemmed from a diverse range of intimate catering requests, Shavannah saw that there was a need in her community for women to feel sexy and confident, as the catering submissions she received involved upscale food and sexy style desserts for women only events. Women were looking to let their hair down and really have fun without being judged in any shape, form, or manner. They wanted to feel beautiful and sexy all of the time, not just when they left the house.

The requests for recipes always came shortly after the privately held events. This led the visionary to start a live cooking show where women could watch and learn how to cook new and innovative entrée’s, all while having an entertaining experience.


Can you share a little background about DITK?

DITK is unlike any other cooking show or event. The mission of what we do is to not only strengthen partnerships through lavishing meals, but to also to get women back in the kitchen. We show women how to be fierce and encourage them to feel empowered on so many levels.


Where did the company originate?

DITK was established in North Carolina and has been in the works for several years. 2013’ was our 1st year of blasting it publicly.


What does DIVAS mean to you?

Driven Individuals & Visionaries Accomplish Success. I found that most women that didn’t cook were commonly successful modern day women, celebrities, corporate women, or business owners that were very outgoing. They were often so busy in corporate America that they didn’t have time to cook. That’s when I created informational workshops that would assist them in applying cooking to their daily lives.


What do you think contributed to you loving food and being a diva?

Well, I have always loved cooking. I grew up in a household where food was always a priority. I lived in the country with my grandmother as a young girl and she always had that southern fellowship mentality in the kitchen. If we weren’t cooking for family it was for families in need or the homeless. The diva area of myself has always been present. I’ve always loved being stylish and have a sincere love for some trendy pumps. However, when I got married, I was eager to keep myself up, and that’s where cooking in heels and being creative for my husband in the kitchen became a factor.


Feeding families and homeless individuals is always awesome. Do you incorporate such services with your cooking events?

Yes. Giving back is a part of me. I will never change in that area because I’ve been blessed beyond measures in my life. My team gives back to families experiencing economic hardships by donating food to local and non-local charities. Also, when tickets are purchased for our events, a portion of the proceeds go to our partner non-profits to provide both food and clothing for those in need.


Do you believe all women are DIVAS?

We are ALL DIVAS! There is no color, shape, or size in my eyes with being a diva. As long as you are confident and motivated about who you are, you make the list.


What goes on at a DITK cooking show?

Oh My! Do you really want to know (laughing)?!!! So much goes on when you walk into one of our shows. Our themes are always cooking geared, with a lot of fun and style. We begin with a cooking demo, then a step-by-step instructed evening dish. We have several games, guest appearances, live entertainment and open floor girl talk. We recently began traveling also, so we’re excited! We are doing our Divas In the Kitchen Atlanta edition this March.


This is beautiful! How can our readers connect with you?

We have several digital promotions and connecting links floating around the web with our information. Our major networks are:

Website: www.divasinthekitchen.org

Facebook: www.facebook.com/divasinthekitchenDITK

Twitter: ditk2013

Instagram: Divasinthekitchen_2013