Aja(Philadelphia, PA) – “Having a passion for something, and making that into a business, is the ultimate life goal,” says Aja Waters, as she says with a settle smile. Aja is one of those wonderful people whose mission in life is to help people, this is what her career is dedicated to. This entrepreneur/speaker dedicates her passion to women empowerment. With such passion, Aja says that “I help people see the potential in themselves that they don’t see yet.”

Queens See Queens is an LLC dedicated to helping women with life goals. Aja sees the potential in all women, and she wants them to see that potential as well. Queens See Queens is all about bringing women together, creating a loving environment with less tension and hate. This organization is all about love, and “queens recognizing other queens.”

Starting off as a group chat, Queens See Queens expanded, and Aja now hosts her annual Vision Board Party. This workshop allows people to put their goals into more than just words. It’s not just putting pictures together, but to use the vision board to “manifest to their future.” Aja explains that she decided a long time ago that she would not work for anyone but herself, and her journey began from there with her vision board. The goal for Aja is to expand the sisterhood.

Aja is selfless in her actions, sharing her success and intelligence with other people, speaking at universities like Temple, as well as preparing young children at middle schools, like Thomas Knight Finletter Middle school. She shares her life lessons, goals, and entrepreneurial tips to guide these young people.

Aja gave Au’loni Magazine an exclusive look into the future, by sharing the release of her first book, entitled So Why Not Me: A guide to help transform you from self-doubt into greatness. This book is to inspire people from stepping away from their fears, and prosper into their future goals. In this book, she shares personal stories to connect with her audience, as well as guiding them to follow their dreams.

Aja encourages future entrepreneurs and innovators to follow their dreams. “Believe in yourself, because anything you want to do is 90% mindset and 10% actions. To follow Aja’s journey connect with her on Instagram: @queensseequeensLLC and her Twitter:_ajawaters.