Raelia lewis2 Raelia Lewis

For those who do not know, Raelia is wonderful model. No, she does not do basic photoshoots, ad put her email in her Twitter bio, she is legit. Her first modeling experience dates back to elementary school, being able to model for her school. “I can still remember my first elementary fashion show and how excited I was to model for the entire school. I get a sense of fulfillment when I’m doing what I love.” Modeling became serious for Raelia at 16 years old, but ay 18 is when she took it seriously. Fast forwarding her modeling career, Raelia represents for Philadelphia, and ends up on America’s Next Top Model. This vibrant and outgoing young lady is more than just a model, she is giving, helpful, creative, and a book writer.

“Trust Your Journey” is next on Raelia’s to conquer list, a book sharing her career, the start of her career, and tips for models. This book is not just about modeling, it shares her story, while also giving readers the strength to fulfill their dreams and stay strong. “It’s a story of love, hope, and strength.” Raelia is very admit on pushing people with inspirational words and phrases, uplifting people and promoting positive energy. Just like her book, Raelia spreads her positivity through her YouTube channel called You Matter.” “I upload inspirational messages about random topics that we all face daily.” All of this strength that Raelia provides, but who gives her strength? “I love strong unapologetic women.” She expresses her love for feminist and hard working women, who fight for what they know who they deserve. She names her mother, Frida Khalo, Maya Angelou, and Oprah Winfrey.

Raelia Lewis is a creative who is slowly but surely taking over the world. With her poetry and inspirational writing and motive, we cannot wait to see what is next. For more information on Raelia, follow her on Twitter and Instagram: Raelia Lewis