CEO of Women Owned Business Club  uses social and web networking to inspire women into business.

(New York, NY) Lisa Montalva will enhance any emerging businesswoman’s career for only 18 cents a day (annual membership fee is $69), and she feels fortunate in doing so.

Montalva’s co-founding venture is the Women Owned Business Club (WOBC), an organization that is committed to supporting women around the globe to build a network and audience about their business through social media. Montalva prides herself and her team for being very proactive in responding to women directly in a progressive era for them in business.

“I was very unhappy with how women were treated in business, when I initially thought about the idea to form Women Owned Business Club,” Montalva said on the origins of the NYC based organization. “I initially sought out others to do it until I realized that I needed to take the initiative to get it right.”

It would be endless hours of personal time invested in promotion through social media and various online forums to create buzz about WOBC. Lisa, a previous business owner of several original ventures, recognized the challenges that women faced when starting one of their own.

“It’s easy for men to get funding and angel investors, while women still face obstacles in being taken seriously,” Lisa said of the current hurdles businesswomen face in today’s market.

Fortunately, funding was not as difficult for her as she was able to capitalize off of the profits of her previous successful ventures to fund WOBC. Yet, getting people to actually join and invest a membership was what Lisa had to start from the bottom up.

“What we were doing was different,” Lisa said about the inception of WOBC. “It would take 17 hour work days, constant social media marketing…work, work, work – but this is what it took for people to feel informed and aware of what we were capable of doing for their business.”

Since its breakthrough in 2011, WOBC now has 600 diverse members from all walks of life, a successful e-magazine with a subscription of 10.1 million readers, and Montalva’s network has now seen 45 million LinkedIn connections. Lisa is very humble and grateful for the success.

“I have reached a point in my life in my career where it’s truly about giving back…if you don’t do good, you don’t get good,” Lisa says about her current life lessons in business. “It’s not about us – our businesswomen want to see what we do for other people.”

Today, WOBC has developed a powerful reputation across the board for helping their female driven membership feel a sense of community and confidence to ask questions and get advice from them anytime. As the network and membership continue to blossom, Lisa is still developing better ways to improve the experience.

“I am continuing to encourage and train businesswomen to get more active in writing – a skill that is one of the most crucial aspects to expanding a network,” Lisa says on upcoming goals. “As well as writing additional e-books and building the online magazine, I am embarking on the creation of Womanessity which is an online woman business community through social media.”

As far as advice for women such as herself entering the business world, Lisa sites being constant as the key ingredient.

“Take time to build your brand and find new ways to consistently give people the answers to their problems – but stay constant,” Lisa advises. “Never giving up and working should always be continuous in obtaining success…constant is key.”