Life can be amazing even when it seems at times to be spinning out of control. There is negativity all around us, and if we are not careful we can sink into the chaos and confusion of this world. For most of us, finally when we think things are looking up, something bad happens. When does it stop? How can this be? Why Me? Will it ever get any better? These are the questions that most likely pop into our head. The truth is that every one of us struggle in some way or another in our everyday lives.

We often feel that we are all alone in this world and no one understands what we are going through. I am here to tell that you are not alone. There are many that feel the same as you. All of us, can fall prey to a defeative mindset, thinking that it’s impossible to come out of what we are facing. We were all placed on this earth for a purpose, therefore, we can make the best of our lives and situations if we believe we can. For some, this is painful and difficult to accept because of what’s happening right now. It’s about staying positive and grabbing hold to what is more so than what’s not. When we focus on the negative we then enable ourselves to see anything better, so seeing from a positive perspective becomes a struggle within.

I am not going to tell you that things will get better overnight. I am not going to tell you that terrible circumstance will not come your way. I can’t even tell you that bad things won’t happen because I have experienced them as well.  What I will tell you is, you can rise above any obstacle with a positive outlook. It is possible no matter what it look like. You have to get it in your mind that things can get better, you can make it through; you can come out even stronger than you were going in and be better equipped for what comes in the future. In experiencing day to day obstacles myself, I have three ways you can overcome. Stay focused on the positive and not the negative, have faith, and be patient. When you have a positive outlook on anything that comes your way, you can overcome it. Do not see yourself as defeated, but know that you can beat it. Be positive even when you are not positive. You are not in a permanent place within your circumstances. Trust that things will come together in time because everything has its timing.  I want you to push your way through with confidence. We are all waiting on something to happen for us in our lives. When we are faced with a difficulty we have to be willing to face it and deal with it with humility. Do not let what you are going through overpower, let it empower you into your destiny.




 Nikkia Young was born in Petersburg, VA, now residing in Macon, Ga. She is the author of “The 7 Day Steadfast Guide”. She is the Founder of “Girls of Royalty” Teen Magazine. Nikkia is also a Minister of the Gospel and    Intercessor. She is the mother of 4 children Keondra’, Keona, Sierra, and Sade’. Nikkia has a heart for people and loves to encourage, inspire, and motivate. She believes that if we show love and compassion in our daily walk, then  the hearts and minds of people could one day change. Throughout her life she has learned to remain positive and focused throughout any situation. She understands that she has been called and chosen to do the will of God. “I am an Overcomer” is what she lives by daily.