(Lisbon,Portugal) In addition to its five star rating and unique storefront, RetroShop is located at the LX Factory, neatly tucked away on the first floor of a lofty space that houses co-working facilities, unique stores, and impeccable dining. The LX Factory is one of the most artistic areas in Lisbon Portugal!  RetroShop is home to some of the most prized gems from the past, regardless of where you are in the world, you can relate and love their assortment of beloved brands, characters and merchandise dating all the way back to early century.



The layout of the store is designed to make you feel that you’re walking through a time portal from the moment you walk in the door. You can find cool retro objects and furniture but the excitement exist in the fact that no two objects are the same and you never know what will be available on any given day. Through here come numerous items, and no one can guarantee that what you’re looking for can indeed be found.


How is this different than your average thrift or vintage store? Pedro Mouzinho, Founder and Owner of RetroShop, travels countless miles looking for parts, iconic and unique furniture for this space and is intentional about what is displayed. The only thing that we can guarantee is that here you’ll find very peculiar retro objects.



The inspiring part is that RetroShop literally has it all from national and international brands and inventory to vintage stock from local neighborhoods and replicas of their pasts. Regardless of if you’re a traveler or a native to Lisbon, there are goodies laid out for your unique walk down memory lane. Some examples of what you can see here are things like: old pieces of classic carousels, accessories from the legendary PanAm airline, CTT (Portuguese post) signs originating from vintage neighborhood grocery stores, chairs and even tables from old schools that were closed down, filing cabinets that belonged to factories that were shut down, old school design chairs and even a petrol station from Route 66!


Whether you are just passing through or a local fan of collecting vintage items, Retroshop is worth a visit! Discover something that will give your home or workplace a unique and original touch.