(Lisbon, Portugal) Located across the Tagus River and not far from the old iron bridge, when the night sky is deep blue and the old Lisbon is alight, the view can be amazing. Ponto Final a seafood restaurant and bar, is an almost derelict hamlet on the tiniest harbour. It feels like a set for Rossellini film.
To get is a simple Ferry ride from Cais de Sodré to Cacilhas and walk westward for half a mile, and you’re there. The restaurant sits on the tail end of the river and can only be seen as you are approaching it. In order to dine at this exclusive waterfront treasure you pretty much have to take a leap of faith that it’s there. It almost makes you wonder why it’s one of the most raved about restaurants in the city while remaining isolated from everything else. However, all those questions are answered with just a taste of their diverse menu.


Outside of their scrumptious meals and selections of drinks, Ponto Final is known for their “freestyle” attitude when approaching customers. You are not just dining but having an experience. If you decide to sit outside or take a break from your meal to enjoy the water, the staff offers fleece blankets to wrap around your arms as to not catch a chill and because of it’s location, they are not concerned with theft or patrons skipping out on the bill. You can explore while you eat or after and there is no timeline to how long you can stay.


The food is simple, basic but of excellent quality. They are known for their 5-star menu because of its simplicity but elegant taste. It is homely and wholesome traditional Portuguese. They mainly serve fish with little hints of other meat dishes to choose from. Appetizers include sardines with onions and oysters and you can top it off with cheap but top-notch white or red wine (Vale dos Baris, €4.50 a bottle !) If you go to Lisbon, this one is a must!


It’s captivating how they became such a tourist spot while retaining their local charm For some reason it is mainly a tourists place; But again, it is not only the destination, it is about the journey. So if the traveling bug already bites you, what’s one more trip to enjoy exclusive cuisine in a private atmosphere?

Ponto Final has everything you need from a quick dining experience to a romantic evening away with that special someone. A local feel with rockstar potential! Sometimes staying small, is the best choice. This is a word to the wise for all business owners. Decide how to model your brand, Ponto Final has found their niche!