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(Philadelphia, PA) For many, music listening is a comfort zone. However, for Jennifer Logue, music is a lifestyle and her burning inspiration for creating Rock On Philly.  Rock On Philly is a website dedicated to the Philadelphia music scene and gives its’ viewers an opportunity to explore Philadelphia’s music culture. Au’loni magazine was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to interview the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Rock on Philly.

AM: Tell us a little about yourself and your background?

Oh this is tough! I don’t know where to start. Well, I was born and raised in the Philly region. I moved to New York for a few years where I studied English and Spanish literature at Fordham. All during that time, I was playing music too- exploring the industry and trying to find my place in it. Somewhere in between playing shows and writing songs, I responded to a job listing for an on- camera reporter. I got the gig and soon found myself interviewing some of my idols- including Billie Joel and James Taylor. I realized that I loved having conversations about music and writing about music just as much as I loved performing it. It was the best of both worlds.

AM: How did you come up with the idea for Rock On Philly?

After calling New York home for what seemed like a lifetime, I needed a break from it and moved back home to Philadelphia to figure out where I wanted to go next. As I was sorting things out, I started popping into open mics and local shows. I was consistently blown away by the talent in Philly’s music scene and felt really inspired. I wanted to do my part to spread the word about it.  I started Rock On Philly as a personal site but soon after it was set up, readers began emailing asking to contribute and we’ve been growing ever since.

AM: What hardships did you face?

There are always a lot of challenges when starting and running a business. Something that comes to mind for me specifically was being taken seriously in the beginning. Everyone knew me as a musician and some weren’t comfortable with me moving from the artist side of things to the media side of things.

AM: What are some of your daily operations?

From a content standpoint, there’s a constant flow of research, writing, and editing going on. While writing for the site takes up some of my time, the majority of my day is spent developing partnerships with brands on a local and national level and focusing on how we can make Rock On Philly even better for the musicians and the music fans.

AM: What do you think separates Rock On Philly to other music websites?

Our vibe. The team at Rock On Philly is downright giddy about music. We’re inclusive instead of exclusive. When people come to our site, we want them to feel welcome and comfortable with exploring new artists and bands. A lot of music blogs out there are written for people already in the know. We wanted to be more accessible.

AM: Lastly, if you could offer a piece of guidance to someone who is looking to get involved in the entrepreneurship world, what would you advise?

If you’re going to start something, make sure you’re wildly passionate about it. I easily work 12 hours a day but the time flies by because I enjoy every second. Doing what you love may sound like a cliché piece of guidance, but it’s true. If I didn’t love this industry, I would most definitely burned out by now. Time is our greatest asset and it should be spent doing things that bring joy to ourselves and others.


Boston, New York, and D.C, are you ready?! Rock On Philly is proud to announce that they will be expanding to your cities this year!

Au’loni would like to thank Jennifer for taking the time out of her busy schedule to talk with us. Be sure to visit their website for all the latest updates on local music. You can also follow them on twitter @RockOnPhillyMAG or Instragram: rockonphilly