Mission: Ending World Hunger, Still in Progress

(Philadelphia, PA) The last time we checked in with you guys, Mason Whartman was doing well with Rosa’s Fresh Pizza. Usually, the saying goes, “No good deed goes unpunished,” but for Mason, his good deeds have been paying off. For those who do not know, Mason Whartman is the owner and founder of Rosa’s Fresh Pizza. This generous pizza establishment not only sells pizza for $1 each, but feeds the homeless as well. Customers can donate a dollar or more to feed the homeless. Along with the donation, the customers will write words of encouragement on a post it, and the homeless will exchange the words of inspiration from strangers for pizza.

This was last year. Mason’s fan base grew. He started being fresh from working in New York, from opening up a pizza shop, to being on different news stations, like NBC, to being on the Ellen Show, which he said was an “amazing experience.” The show, which is not a surprise, Mason explained increased the brand. As you can guess, business has been booming for Rosa’s Fresh Pizza. Last time we checked, this cool pizza place was selling close to 10,000 slices, but of course that number is not even close to the number of slices that are being sold currently. 50,000 slices are on average being sold, Mason shared with us that number from the top of his head. It is safe to say that number given was just him being generous.

The road to ending world hunger in Philadelphia is going well. Mason is not only feeding the homeless, he is also clothing them! Mason sells clothes for the homeless, and gives 50% of the proceeds to the needy. 81 sweatshirts have been sold in efforts to clothe the homeless.

Rosa’s is located on 25 S. 11th St. so if you are ever in the neighborhood, or just so happen want to feed the homeless, stop by Rosa’s Fresh Pizza and help feed and clothe the homeless. Maybe you cannot make it, and that’s okay because you can donate online at www.rosasfreshpizza.com