(Texas, San Antonio) Mother, author, and business woman Signae Mckeiver, is CEO and founder of Reading2Witing. Signae has noticed that we do not have the correct guidance in finance and managing money. When she frequently got contacted for mentorship for these topics, she thought of a brilliant idea, and Reading2Writing was then created. Reading2Writing is a social media website that allows people to make a profile and connect with those of similar creative interests. You can introduce yourself, while getting constructive feedback, all for the love of creativity.


“I’ve always noticed that people do not have the correct guidance to help them push forward,” said Signae, so she created a website. Before her start in creating a website, Signae used the opportunity in providing guidance in creating children’s books. Signae said that “it starts with the kids, because they grow into adults without guidance.” Signae’s books are not just any children’s books, but books teaching children how to invest in their money and save. With titles like Eli’s Investments, Semaj’s Savings, and Bryson’s New House, Signae is teaching these children how to manage their money appropriately.

Growing up in Philadelphia, Signae has expressed with Au’loni Magazine how important money was to her growing up. “I always wanted to know how it worked in real,” she explained. She expressed that everyone knows how much she loves money, and would often come to her for advice. This helped her with the creation of her adult, self help books. “I put pieces of me in the books, creating a story,” said Signae. So not only does Signae have four children’s books, but two adult books, one titled our Life is Your Greatest Teacher, and another on the way. Her adult books focus on money management for adults and teens. “I research what people find helpful, and what people don’t find helpful, and I make my books resourceful,” said Signae.

Her journey to share her knowledge with everyone is continuing. Signae is currently finishing her second book, and will be going on a book tour. Eight to ten cities will be visited, including her home town, Philadlephia, Houston, Dallas, and New York. During her tour she will be answering any and every question on finances, money, and investments. Along with her upcoming tour, Signae is working on a business related magazine, entitle BlackPrenuers.  Signae wants to share her wealth of information with everyone. Her advice to future entrepreneurs? “Know what you want, and go for it.”