Traveling is a passion that is shared by many people throughout the world. It is often an

invigorating experience that triggers an enamoring emotion, which often keeps you

wanting to travel and explore even more.

Mollie Snyder has been heavily influenced by her immense passion for traveling and has

created Wear We Went, a unique business using photography and high fashion editorials

to showcase hotels and travel destinations around the world. “Wear We Went has set out

to share the most luxurious and exciting travel experiences out there. World travel, it-

hotels, local influencers, and personal style at your fingertips through our interactive

editorials,” said Mollie.

Mollie’s love for traveling and exploring new places took on new heights when she

moved to Milan, Italy to attend high school for a year as an exchange student. Soon after,

she decided to move to China where her job required her to work hand in hand with some

of the world’s most spectacular hotels. It was there that she fell in love with the world of

hospitality, and realized that there should be a platform that displays these hotels, and

others like it throughout the world.

“After working in China, working with The Four Seasons, in the fashion industry,

everything just seemed to fit together. I realized that there was a place for hospitality and

fashion that had not been tapped into and I wanted to be the bridge to the two worlds,”

said Mollie.

Wear We Went was launched in May of 2015, and has since shot editorials in over five

high-end hotels in six different cities throughout the world. Her vision was to create

interesting and classy images that highlight both beautiful hotel interiors as well as

amazing designers.

Au’loni asked Mollie where she sees her business going in the future. “I hope Wear We

Went can travel the world and showcase thousands of hotels and the amazing spaces they

have to offer.” Highlighting amazing destinations throughout the world for their readers

and followers is something that Wear We Went thrives on.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, the best ideas sometimes come from thinking outside

the box. When asked what the importance of uniqueness when it comes to

entrepreneurship Mollie said, “I think you have to constantly be thinking one step ahead,

always planning and brainstorming each day to reach your goals. The more I do what I

love, the more I find inspiration.” As for her advice for someone trying to start his or her

own business? “I would say, if you can dream it, you can do it. It takes a lot of time and

energy. And high risk, high reward.”


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