(Philadelphia- PA) Ever going on a night out with the girls and you stress because you

know you wont be able to find an outfit in your mess of a huge closet? Going to

department stores can be so overwhelming, while at the same time high fashion

designer stores are so expensive!


Well, Snatched, a fashion and lifestyle mobile boutique, is taking fashion to the streets

of Philadelphia! You no longer have to wait in the long lines of department stores or

empty your wallets for high quality fashion. Just locate the Snatched Pop-Up Shop in

your local area, run to the truck and leave with a stylish new outfit for the night!

The rising trend of Pop-up Shops is becoming increasingly popular and in demand

especially in the Philadelphia area. They are simple, efficient and take away the stress of

regular shopping, which usually derives from the excessive amounts of options, clutter

and just chaos. Snatched was unofficially launched May 2015, and was then introduced

to the public a few weeks later.

We had taken a trip to the Snatched whe

re we were introduced to founder and CEO

Alice Mae Thomas. As a very down to earth woman, she takes pride in her fashion and

family! We had a chance to ask her a couple questions about Snatched and where she

sees it going in the future. Check out her answers below!


Where did the idea for Snatched come from?

“I wish I could say that the idea for Snatched came from one thought or experience. But

honestly it came from years of business experiences, personal milestones and

shortcomings. I previously owned a clothing boutique in Hollywood, California which I

initially launched as a national pop-up shop. After extending my property lease several

times I actually never got the opportunity to pop up anywhere outside of Hollywood.

After a year of operation I closed with the intention to pop-up In Manhattan. However

two short weeks later I was pregnant with my beautiful baby girl and decided to

dedicate my time and energy to being a mother for a year. Fast forward to a year later

and I was ready to go back to work. But not quite willing to dedicate as much of my time

and energy as before. My concern now was returning to business in a way that would

allow for more flexibility, an opportunity to travel with my family and pop-up in different

states like I had wanted to before, and to sustain a low monthly overhead. Opening a

fashion truck seemed like a no-brainer.”


Where can we find the Snatched truck besides Temple Campus? Where does it travel?

“Snatched is presently on tour. We will remain in Philadelphia for the remainder

of summer 2015, parked on Drexel University’s campus, Temple University’s

campus, and at special events and private parties during the weekends.

Upcoming events include Cecil B. Moore’s Jazz on the Ave and The Hype and

Lavender Crafty Gal’s outing. We are presently booking events for The New York

and New Jersey area during the fall. Although you can find us on the streets of

your city, we specialize in private parties and girls night in so book us and we’ll

come to you”


Do you think there is a need for more trucks in the area like Snatched?

“I definitely think there is a need for more fashion trucks in the area, and

throughout the country for that matter. However, cities like Philadelphia are

becoming much more strict and limiting the mobility of such businesses. As a

result this is deterring many mobile business owners from starting and then

sustaining in said cities.”


Where do you see the Snatched Mobile Boutique going in the future? Would you like

to see it as a franchise? Or just a single boutique?

“I have huge plans for Snatched. One of the reasons I decided to do this east coast

tour before heading to California was so I could build my fan base up on this coast

before building a franchise. Within the next year I will have two trucks operating

out of two different states, and within five years three trucks out of three

different regions. “


Don’t forget to follow the Snatched Boutique on Instagram, & twitter

@catchsnatched to find out where they will be next!