Summertime is the best time to increase creativity and meet your milestone goals in a fun way that takes advantage of the season. Whether you have a business or you are doing double duty and work for one, summer time is the best time to get ahead of your goals and boost your creativity taking advantage of the energy of fun and sun in the air.

Let me start with my full-time entrepreneurs and business owners. This is the perfect season to run all of your summer specials.  Prom time and graduations are upon us and if you didn’t take advantage of that summertimesavy which is a huge tourist month and is a great way  to tell people to come by and try your services like a tourist. Let them explore something new and different that they never had before and make it fun. Create postcards with your products and services with a blank side for them to mail out to other people that they know. Or in the digital age they can take a picture and post it online. Create specials for men for Father’s Day, celebrate our independence with a 4th of July special, and of course “the official end of the summer,” Labor Day special.


All of this can be promoted to your customer list, social media, and those that have a physical office passers-by. Of course there’s always passing the word through people and groups you are with that you know. That’s one of the best ways to market.


Now for my part-time entrepreneurs, you can use the same strategies but also look for opportunities for you to grow as a better entrepreneur. If you have limited time a special is probably one of the cool ways to increase your client base so that you can become a full-time business owner. make sure to give them great value that takes away the gimmick and pours into they are desired result.


Another way to increase your value is to attend summer events that most people won’t attend. There is something to be said for intimate events with people that are really serious about their business. if you don’t want the money to stop and take a summer break, you can’t take a networking or business building break. And you will find that others that are active year-round are also very creative where you can glean some ideas and get an extra boost of creative juice from them.


One of my favorite things about summer is that I get to be outside more to right and create and be in a lighter atmosphere than being stuck inside all the time. Those that are part-time entrepreneurs and you’re still working full-time jobs, you get  daylight hours to do what you have to do which fuels your energy as well.  Getting the Vitamin D and breathing in fresh air that supports healthy endorphins will keep you going physically and mentally to your goal.


A cool thing that everyone can look at is creating short services, mini products, and compressed program and packages that supports tight schedules and supports people enjoying the summertime.   People like that sort of thing. Because you’re not just thinking about making a dollar but serving them and encouraging them to get out and enjoy themselves while creating balance in their own life. So let the sunshine be a generators of ideas and innovation for your business.   It’s also and encourage her for you to take a moment, sit down and enjoy the breeze and sunshine every once in awhile. Schedule it on your calendar like you would anything else.


One last tidbit is the summertime is a great time to take a class. While everyone else is out at the beach and taking vacation, that is the great time to be quiet, focus, and plan not only the next six months but prepare for the next year. That was one of my favorite things to do when I worked in corporate.  When it was quiet, that was my golden opportunity to learn.  Take advantage of summer and don’t worry about what you’re missing, rather focus on what you are gaining.