Whenever you step out of your comfort zone and decide to leave your hometown for

any reason, at some point you’re going to feel a little homesick. You’ll crave that

delicious cheesesteak from your favorite restaurant, or miss your mascot from your

favorite sports team. That’s when cofounder Nick Tammerine and business partner

Dennis Sobolewski came up with the idea of sending a case of memorable Chicago

goodies to anyone anywhere in the United States.


“Our mission is to provide people with the same joy and happiness that our parents

received when opening a case of Chicago‐based goodies. We thought that if we could

provide such happiness to people while also providing a service, it was a no‐

brainer,” explained Tammerine.


The new business that opened in April of 2015 offers the service of compiling gift

boxes featuring iconic brands and goods from the Windy City. Whether it’s for

somebody missing home, or someone that you want to get a feel for the “3‐1‐2” area

code, A Case of Chicago does all of the legwork. It provides a real taste and feel of the

Customers can select either 5 or 10 iconic Chicago themed items that will be

“There are tons of goodies that customers can choose from including a Chicago flag,

Garrett’s Caramel Popcorn, a Chicago Shot Glass, Chicago Butter Cookies, White Sox

Popcorn, Metropolis Coffee, and much more,” said Tammerine


Customers pay $35 for 5 items or $60 for 10 items and shipping is always free.

Emails are sent when shipped and usually take about 3‐5 business days to arrive.

“I believe what is unique about our business is that we are in a nice position to

realize what is currently trendy and popular in the city, while also realizing the

stalwarts of Chicago. We are in an envious position in that we can go out and get

fresh, authentic items right when the order is made, as opposed to buying from an

inventory that is of untold months in age,” said Tammerine.


Tammerine’s advice for those who are just starting out in the business world is to

not be afraid of failure and to not be afraid to be told no. Also, there is no shame in

asking for assistance and admitting a shortcoming. Better to swallow that pride

now than to let it be your undoing.


For more information, reach out to A Case of Chicago on their social media sites.

Twitter: @acaseofchicago

Instagram: @acaseofchicago

Website: acaseofchicago.com