Sweet & Savory Crepes pic

(Cary, NC) Whether you are looking for a dessert that is simply sweet or an entree that is simply

savory ­ this cozy and relaxing little café has you covered!


Coffee and Crepes is located in the heart of the beautiful Cary, North Carolina; where the

community is diverse and continuously growing. If you’re ever in the Crossroads Shopping

Center plaza, you may want to stop by this dining establishment­you’ll be in for a pleasant

surprise. In an authentic and nook­style environment, the café offers an assortment of both sweet

and savory crepes, along with delicious smoothies and specialty coffees that range from Cuban,

Italian, and European origins. You’ll also find that the inside interiors have been constructed to

support new and local artists in their community.


YUM! Finally a place where you can visually explore your artistic side, while enjoying every

sip and every bite…every time!


Recently, our team discovered this local shop and had a chance to chat with one of the wonderful

owners, Terri Pastrana. She shared with us that initially, she and her husband were looking to

open a coffee shop more than 10 years ago, but quickly found that a coffee shop alone was a

risky investment due to their surrounding competition. The husband and wife duo began to

conduct extensive research of ways in which they could be innovative and different, and

stumbled upon some South American cultural influences that their community didn’t offer.

Successfully, the two began promoting their vision by visiting festivals and participating at their

local farmers market to spread the word about their French­themed establishment.


When we asked Terri what customers visiting their café could expect, she shared that when

entering the family­owned café, you will always be greeted at the door and feel invited. Inside,

there is a warm and cozy feel, where locally designed artwork is displayed all around the seating


”We are not an up­scaled designed restaurant or major franchise, so as an independent

establishment, we do things a little different. We have a casual atmosphere with chalk board

styled menus, quick service, a friendly staff, and a loyalty program that our returning customers

can subscribe to for special offers, such as a free crepe.” –Terri Pastrana


In addition to serving some of the finest sweet and savory items on the menu, the Pastrana’s are

also actively involved in their local community. On the final Friday of every month, they offer an

artist reception with the Cary Art Loop to support local artists. The event is free and open to the

public, along with a local musician performing on the patio from 7­9PM. The Coffee and Crepes

team takes pride in giving back and supporting local charities as well, where they offer free chef

services for their auctions.


If there is one thing we know for sure; it’s that Coffee and Crepes is here to stay. The café is

continuing to thrive and has a catering business within their establishment. Not only do they

provide catering services, the chef’s will make a personal trip to your destination and prepare the

crepes right then and there. Take that for freshness!


Coffee and Crepes is sure to be the next big thing in their community and hopefully beyond!

Our team tried to get the scoop of long term endeavors from Mrs. Pastrana and she remained

excited, however, low­key about what’s to come.


We learned that long term planning is in the works, however, it’s on the shhhhhh. For more information about Coffee and Crepes, visit: www.coffeeandcrepes.com

You can also find them on the major Social Media platforms