Switching Up Skincare: Planned Perfectly Offers Products That Are 100% Natural

One of our most precious possessions is our skin, which is why what we put on it matters. “Many consumers are frustrated with the choices that are available in commercial skincare products because they know that they are laden with chemicals and artificial ingredients”. Planned Perfectly, LLC addresses this issue head on.  “At Planned Perfectly, all of our products are made from 100% natural ingredients with no synthetic fillers. We will always list all of the ingredients in each product so that you can feel confident about the products that you are using on your skin.” They are changing the game with their line of natural and organic products.

Au’loni had the chance for an exclusive interview with the owner and founder of Planned Perfectly, Nicole Small.

AM: Tell me a little bit about yourself and your background.

Nicole: I am a mom and a wife on a mission to find healthy alternatives for my family. Through workshops, classes, and research, I have learned the power of aromatherapy and how they can rejuvenate our skin, heal our bodies, and affect positive change on our well‐beings.

AM: How did you come up with the idea for Planned Perfectly?

Nicole: Planned Perfectly Natural Organic Essentials came from wanting to find a non‐steroid and natural solution to manage my young children’s skin condition and overall skin health. I found that there were certain natural ingredients that I could use to bring relief to their skin problems. Aromatherapy products and methods both excited and propelled me to learn more about how natural ingredients could have a positive effect on my family. My family benefited from these products that I began to share them with friends, extended family and coworkers. Their reaction encouraged me to share my products with others.

AM: What is the message that you are trying to send to your customers?

Nicole: I want my customers to know that what you put on your skin has as much effect on you (body and systems) as what you eat. Our skin is our biggest organ and what we put on our skin is absorbed into our blood stream and affects our whole entire being. There are safe, reliable and effective alternatives to store‐bought commercial skincare products. These alternatives are free from chemicals, dyes and artificial ingredients which can cause skin irritants and illness. Planned Perfectly Natural Organic Essentials prides itself on using pure and wholesome ingredients that will not only help to relieve sensitive skin issues but will rejuvenate skin and restore its natural and healthy glow.

AM: What were some major obstacles you faced while creating Planned Perfectly?

Nicole: As I am sure that this is the case with other small business, one of the challenges that I faced was building a solid client base as only a few customers knew that my company existed. This challenge lead to a lack of cash flow to invest in various marketing endeavors to reach potential customers.

AM: How did you get past those challenges?

Nicole: I did my research! I picked out a few local markets and festivals that I could attend where I had the potential to meet a large number of people. While there I offered free samples and I networked A LOT. I met some truly wonderful people who appreciated my products, believed in me and pointed me in the right direction for future success. I also have reached out to other small businesses who work in graphic design and marketing. I bartered for services and received free advice from several business and networking groups I joined.

AM: What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Nicole: Your business will not grow overnight into a mega‐company success. It takes time and effort. Don’t be afraid of the work, it will help you appreciate the rewards when you receive them. Also, hopefully you are doing something that you love. Let that passion come across to your consumers. Because your consumers are buying into you as a person way before they are investing in your product/service.

Nicole’s short-term goals are to continue providing healthy alternatives to skin care and body products as well as advancing her line with the addition of soaps, deodorants and more. She would like to see her line of products in local boutiques and health food stores.

Patrick Whalen is a Junior at Temple University majoring in Media Studies and Production. He enjoys traveling, going out with friends, and trying new things. You can connect with him on Twitter @patwhalen94, LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/pub/patrick-whalen/b0/469/a80/ or email him at pwwhalen94@gmail.com.



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