Job searching can be one of the most infuriating and frustrating processes, especially when you’re being denied so many opportunities, even though you’re qualified. For those trying to get positions filled, finding the right candidates, or even making it so that their position can be found in the first place can be a challenging task as well.

“It’s expensive, time-consuming and a drain on energy that could be spent elsewhere,” said Yarden Tadmore, creator of the Switch App.

The Switch App takes away this stressful procedure and makes it easier for employers and future employees to communicate with one another and to find the best fits.

It works similarly to Tinder where a user uploads their information and are matched with potential jobs based on skillsets and interests. If you’re not interested you swipe left, if you are, you swipe right. If that employer swipes right on you too the both of you will be put into contact.

Many companies and job-seekers have been quick to try out Switch, which made the process of finding clientele very simple for Tadmore and his team.

“From candidates to hiring managers, they latched on to Switch because it was far more efficient and affordable than using recruiting services and other existing methods,” he said.

Switch is constantly changing. While it originally attracted many from the technology and media fields, the app is expanding the platforms and offering more options for users.

“We release a new version of the app every two to three weeks and offer some great new features on a regular basis,” Tadmore said.

Currently Switch is only available for iOS, but it will soon be ready for Android users as well. It can be used on the phone or on the computer for ease of access.

Tadmore believes that it shouldn’t be seen as just an app but more like the future of employment. He hopes Switch will become just as big as LinkedIn and other big names.

“I wanted — and still want — to build a marketplace for job seekers and employers to come together and discover one another, to hire and get hired,” Tadmore said. “Whether that happens via mobile or desktop is secondary; I’m more worried about getting good candidates into good positions.”

Harper has a lot of experience with building apps. He was a VP product and business developer at Quigo, chief revenue officer at Taboola and SVP business developer at Dapper.

“I knew there was a more efficient way to hire, so I set out to disrupt this antiquated system and start connecting candidates and hiring managers directly and quickly — and at a fair price,” Tadmore said.

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