(Pleasant Grove, Utah)  Karyn Tripp has made national headlines this year for her groundbreaking and innovative approach to teaching science through interactive game-playing.  Au’loni Magazine first took notice of Mrs. Tripp from her Huffington Post article about her new invention, a battleship game to teach kids about the periodic table. Who would have thought the periodic table and the game, battleship could even coexist? She came up with the idea through her son, because he enjoyed battleship. She explains on her website that “The game can be played even by kids who know nothing about the Periodic Table just yet”, she pointed out. All Tripp used to create this educational masterpiece is periodic table prints, paperclips and folders.


In addition to her revolutionary product, this super mother of four discovered a cool way to home school her children. She doesn’t just teach them, but she interacts with them, making lessons into games.  Tripp was not home-schooled herself, but after her first child was born she decided that she wanted to stay home with her baby. Her baby boy was already advanced before starting preschool. “I did not want him to be bored at school”, she explained. Because of him being ahead of most children at that age, she decided to keep him home, and help grow his educational aspirations. Being advanced in a public school, Tripped feared that traditional schooling would only hold her child back, not allowing him to get the attention he deserves.

Tripp was asked what is the best part about homeschooling her children and she said, “Seeing them learning and growing; it’s exciting.” She also added that tailoring to their specific needs is great, as opposed to being in a public school, where they would not get as much attention, Tripp gives them all the attention!


Lucky is what her children are, having a mother with such a credible background in education. She admitted to reading up on home schooling tactics, but it is not like she has not done this before. Tripp taught high school students for three years, as an educator in Home Economics and Interior Design. Not only that, but her teaching skills also spilled over in preschool for three years as well. Now, she has homeschool teacher and education blogger on her resume. Along with teaching her children, she runs her blog, teachbesideme.com, and gains profits by renting out space for advertisers. Tripp also makes printable education packets, allowing other parents or teachers to teach their children as well.


Tripp has taught us that homeschool can be exciting, maybe more than public school. If you ever want to brush up on your elementary school or high school education, visit her website. If you want tips and tricks for children’s education, connect with Tripp on her Twitter: @TeachBesideMe, and her Facebook: Karyn Tripp.