Our moms are often our heroes. They go above and beyond to make sure that we’re happy and comfortable in life, while naturally putting our needs ahead of their own. The love that they have for us is unconditional and they somehow know exactly what to say and when to say it, to inspire us to be all that we can be as individuals.

In 2007, a passionate mother indulged on a mission to communicate with her three children while they were away at school. “Mini Messages” was created when Stacey, a business owner and promising Entrepreneur, took matters into her own hands. She was looking for a way to stay connected with her children throughout the school day. With an older daughter that was diagnosed with a learning disability, she knew she had to figure something out to make the transition as smooth as possible. It all started with Stacey writing heart-to-heart messages and placing them in her children’s lunch boxes. She would write inspirational words on notes to encourage her children, in hopes that they would overcome any academic challenges that surfaced when she wasn’t nearby. Simply just enjoying a positive way to reach out and hoping her tactic was effective, Stacey began to receive recognition from teachers at the school about her notes. Even the principle was amazed by the creativity of the notes, as they were filled with love and creatively inspiring with her hand-drawn pictures. When a staff member encouraged Stacey to take the idea to a new level, she began to think about how she could make her inspirational love notes something more. Her first reaction was that all parents write notes to their children, which she knew was not anything different. However, an idea would present itself, placing the mother on a path to something so intimate, that she would strive to reach success and never look back. Stacey decided that making napkins into notes would be a great way to convey her mini messages to parents and children globally.

Reaching out to a dear friend that was also a graphic design artist, Stacey was motivated to pursue the dream that she had been operating as a one woman show. Taking all of the notes that her children had brought back home as memory keepers, she decided to convert the notes onto the napkins with personalized messages, that also had fun and kid-friendly drawings. Stacey felt wonderfully inspired and knew that this was something that was innovatively hers. She was most passionate about her product because she knew that the napkins would be a great resource for other mothers with children in challenging positions academically as well. When our staff caught up with Stacey, we were inspired by her drive, her perseverance and her determination to never give up. When we asked the positive mom about what she would share with anyone seeking to pursue an idea such as hers she stated, “Don’t give up, and believe that your idea or your product is possible. It is possible!”

“Mini Messages” is still growing and has encountered some great public success since its initial launch. Stacey was also able to gain media attention after appearing on a television show to discuss her savvy creations. The words in drawing company sold out within the first ten days after being exposed on television. Stacey has shared that she truly believes in her business and that it does have it high’s and low’s, but she has come too far to give up during challenging times. She hopes to see her company grow into a global product and expand beyond just napkins. “I hope to convert from napkins to a variety of items, such as zip lock baggies, cards, and even apparel”, she stated.

To connect with Mini Messages or to learn more about the organization, you can visit www.minimessages.net. They are also on social media platforms such as Facebook @mini messages and Instagram at: @mini_messages

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