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If there were ever an app that has the potential of changing the world it’s

VerbalizeIt. By having this convenient app, you will have over 500 live translators at

your fingertips. Wharton Business School graduates, Ryan Frankel and Kunal Sarda,

created the amazing app. Au’loni Magazine was able to chat with Frankel about his

Frankel and Sarda both met in college and connected over similar

experiences in which language barriers posed impediments to seamless

communication while traveling abroad.


“We evaluated what was currently available in the marketplace to help people and

businesses communication across languages, and we resolved to craft a solution far

more effective than what existed at the time,” said Frankel.


Initially Frankel and his partner’s focused on helping consumers travel abroad by

empowering them with phone‐based access to a crowdsourced community of

interpreters. However, they ultimately pivoted into a far larger market for business

language translation solutions.


“We offer web and API‐based access to a 30,000+ person language translator

community with the sole mission of helping businesses translate their websites,

documents, videos, and even their mobile applications into any language at the click

of a button,” explained Frankel.


With VerbalizeIt, you can instantly communicate in English, French, German,

Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Arabic, Hindi, and Japanese.

Depending on your needs, VerbalizeIt can help for business purposes or with

reading a menu at a foreign restaurant. Whatever the scenario, the app has you

Both Frankel and Sarda appeared on the hit television show Shark Tank in which

the duo presented their products in hopes of snagging an investor. Eventually

successful businessman, Kevin O’Leary, offered and invested in VerbalizeIt.

Frankel and Sarda still look to make improvements to VerbalizeIt everyday to make

it as successful as it can be.


“Our ultimate goal is to make language barriers a thing of the past and empower

businesses to go global without the costs, headaches, and challenges typically

associated with business internationalization. In doing so, we aspire to create

meaningful job opportunities for multilingual professionals all over the globe,” said

This free to download quality app has a growing list of tech awards and is rising as

the app to have for all your translation needs with the potential of being a

multimillion dollar company.


Frankel finished with a sound piece of advice for young entrepreneurs like himself,

“Nothing is more important than having a great team. An environment filled with A+

individuals who are not only smart and driven but who are also the right cultural fit

can make the difference between a small win and an enormous victory.”


Twitter: @Rvfrankel/@Verbalize_It



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