A Vision, A Purpose and An Experience

By Chanette Sparks


(Raleigh,NC)When Kim W. Hodges set out on her “Vision Writing Experience”, she knew that the courses would be spiritually enriching and educational in helping others reach personal and professional growth. Through her workshops, the driven entrepreneur does not shy away from her faith in God and feels that there are no failures in Christ.

Also the Author of, “Write the Vision, Make it Plain”, Mrs. Hodges has crafted a self-fulfilling, purposed, and passionate Experience that guides individuals in creating vision boards of substance. She believes that a vision board is more than just the basic materials used and that faith is the substance towards pursuing it. Mrs. Hodges hopes to travel globally and pursue her events in new places, which are also on her Vision Board.

Sharing more about her book, she discusses how she has encountered many hardships in her life. “I learned to Write The Vision, Make It Plain during one of the most difficult times in my life and I became an overcomer, learned my God given purpose, and began to live life intentionally”. –Kim W. Hodges


Tell us a little background about yourself.

I’m a wife, mother, grandmother, author, speaker, & instructor.  I was born and raised in Princeville in Edgecombe County, NC.  I hold a Master’s Degree in Human Services with over 11 years of experience in the helping profession. My journey started as a revelation and was a result of God giving me a second chance.


What are the Top 5 Steps of crafting a board?

To create a vision board you need foam or poster board, scissors, magazines/newspaper, and glue.  Creating them is absolutely a blast and a blessing! The most important part of the board is the faith and intention put into the crafting of the board.  Vision board creators need to have faith and be intentional about what they include on their board, as well as in their communication with God.  They also need to keep the board in a visible place within their home where they can visit it often.  Being able to do that allows for the opportunity to reflecting, find balance, and to give continued direction.  As the visions manifest, they become a memory and a legacy board to share with your children and family.


Tell us more about your workshops.

I host a number of empowerment/motivational opportunities throughout the year.  I love connecting with people and getting to know them face-to-face so my favorite opportunities are live. I also host a Vision Writing Workshop Intensive that’s hosted via teleconference or virtually on Google Hangout.

How do you help individuals reach their goals?

With me, individuals reach their goals by aligning them into a more clear perspective encompassed by their faith.  In my signature: Write, Cast, Execute, & Celebrate the Vision program under the Vision Writing Experience umbrella individuals learn that through Christ they can do anything. Each level of Vision Writing engages clients to think beyond what they see with the natural eye and to focus on God, faith, and what they can do in their own strength.  Generally, what happens with people whether they write the vision or not they can easily become overwhelmed because they know what they want the “BIG” picture to look like and they want it right away. I help them stay grounded and focus on the small steps that it takes to build up to the big picture.

What does happiness feel like to you?

Happiness to me feels like doing God’s will.  I wake up every day with the desire to pour out into people sharing with them Who He is.

What makes you unique in your work?

My work is unique because it’s my Kingdom fingerprint. My story is genuine and it’s a result of understanding the seed that God planted in me before I was even formed in my mother’s womb.  He was intentional in our creation and I truly believe that we should be intentional in giving back what He created us to do. I absolutely, positively love, love, love what I do for Him.

Do you have a website/social media networks?

Yes, absolutely. I love to connect with people! They can reach me through my website at www.kimwhodges.com; I’m on Facebook at www.facebook.com/kimlhodges and www.facebook.com/visionheiressnetwork.  I can also be found on Twitter @visionheiress1 and Instagram @visionheiress.  They can also order the book Write The Vision, Make It Plain at www.kimwhodges.com or directly through my publisher’s website at www.taylormadenc.com.