Philadelphia, PA- Ice cream is a delicious frozen treat that has been creating lasting

memories for years. It is simply one of those desserts that, when consumed, brings

you right back to your childhood. Little Baby’s Ice Cream has brought that concept

to a whole other level by creating a whimsical space where people of all ages can go

to enjoy unique homemade flavors such as cucumber dill, rose pistachio, Thai iced

tea and many, many more.


Co-Owner and CEO Martin Brown saw ice cream in a completely different light.


“Above all else, we were interested in finding an outlet for our creativity and

imagination that was not playing in a band or making a painting. We began to

recognize Ice Cream as a blank canvas that had the ability to bring people together

and make them happy, and took it from there,” Martin said.


Creating a business that encouraged people to be open to new ideas and

experiences, while also offering a product that positively influenced it’s surrounding

was an extremely important aspect of starting this business.


“It is very important to us that we limit our impact on the environment by sourcing

ingredients responsibly and limiting waste; that we make a positive contribution to

the neighborhoods and city in which we do business; and that we do all this in a

style and manner that is singular and unique,” Martin said.


Since selling their first scoop at the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby on May 21,

2011, Little Baby’s has made some truly amazing progress.


It is no small fete to survive freezing cold Philadelphia winters, when not many

people have ice cream on their minds. Little Baby’s got through it, and is now doing

better than ever.


“Little Baby’s has grown quite a bit since 2011. We started out as a few partners

with no employees on a single custom built Ice Cream tricycle. Fast forward to 2015

and we have close to 30 seasonal employees, two brick and mortar stores, four

tricycles, wholesale accounts throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area, and lots

more on the horizon,” Martin said.


What makes Little Baby’s so unique? Well, a lot of things. This is not your typical

vanilla, chocolate, or swirl ice cream parlor. The unique flavors are something to hit

home about, and have intrigued many. On top of the delectable flavors, about 40

percent of Little Baby’s ice cream is vegan because it is made with coconut milk.

Not only does their delectable ice cream attract people, but also the optimistic

atmosphere and fun-loving staff.


“We walk a very delicate line that allows us to experiment with wacky flavors, make

outrageous internet videos, cater fancy weddings, support our regional food system

in a serious and genuine way, be a positive force in disadvantaged urban

communities, and provide a disruption to the every day grind,” Martin said.

Little Baby’s strives to become a regional brand recognized as a “rising tide”, while

also providing good jobs for its employees.


As for advice that Martin was willing to give to someone who wants to start his or

her own business? “Be different, there is no point in recreating what others have

already done. Immerse yourself in the work – success is unlikely without total

unwavering commitment to the cause.”