A Taste of Home

New Rochelle, NY– Summertime is in full effect, and for some of us that doesn’t mean

much when we continue to work our 9am – 5pm jobs, barely enjoying the sun on our

skin or the sweet sand in our toes.

But it’s a bittersweet feeling for those who wake up and know that their night will end in

the taste of spicy Jerk Chicken with a fresh rum punch on the side, taking them to an

island of paradise in one bite.

A Place 2 Go, a Caribbean restaurant located in downtown New Rochelle, is the after

work and weekend spot for many working people. Its where many native Caribbean

people come to enjoy a meal that is reminds them of the fresh food that their parents

and grandparents made for them as a kid. Chef Edwin Crisp, owner and “Brain” of the

restaurant along side his wife, seeks out local fresh ingredients because growing up in

Jamaica he had to use the resources that were available to him in his specific parish.

Chef Edwin takes traditional home cooked meals and turns it into refined, yet comforting


The New Rochelle area is heavily populated with people of West Indian descent,

however, the area lacked a community restaurant that featured their traditional food.

What makes this restaurant so special is that they work to keep up with the needs of the

working class while keeping it a professional environment. The trendy and chic feel of

ambiance the restaurant makes one feel warm, and welcomed.  “We cook for the people

who can cook,” says Chef Crisp.  “When we please that grandmother that has been

cooking all their life, that’s when we know we are doing it right”.

When you walk into the restaurant there is this sudden feeling of relaxation that just

takes over your body and all your problems become irrelevant. All that you can focus on

is the plate of smoked jerk chicken that you’ve been waiting for all day and  make your

way over to the bar where you are given a wide selection of fruit infused margaritas

ranging from mango to strawberry. The fresh fruit and the mint create a refreshing drink

that is your first lift off to paradise.

Although A Place 2 Go may have a lot of its flavors influenced by the island of Jamaica,

the menu incorporates aspects of Asian and Italian dishes as well. Their veggie fried rice

seasoned with herbs and spices with their seasonal vegetables is a hit, along with their

succulent tri color Rasta Pasta, sautéed in olive oil, baby spinach, mushrooms, peppers

and sundried tomatoes.

Ever had a codfish fritter? Well, A Place 2 Go creates a fish fritter that consist of the

absolute perfect blend of spices. It is served with a creamy home made tartar sauce that

balances out the spice of the fritter.

This restaurant aims and succeeds in pleasing everyone from mom and dad to the kids.

According to Chef Edwin “You are successful in the restaurant business when your food

means something to everyone”. So when you’re in the New Rochelle area and craving a

taste of Caribbean spice there always A Place 2 Go.