Bala Cynwyd, PA – In our inaugural issue in November 2014, we highlighted a rising non-profit organization that was gearing up to launch a new program called The Homework Bar & Lounge in December 2014. The Homework Bar was a new project being created by the founders of So2Speak.Org. This is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that combines speech with education in order to empower tomorrow’s leaders. The idea of the Homework Bar & Lounge was over two years in the making, with a mission of empowering high school students through a social yet strongly academic environment to ensure success.

homework-bar-2The vision behind the Homework Bar & Lounge derived from the personal experiences of its founders during their High School careers. They identified a need for a safe, comfortable, age-appropriate place for students to complete homework. They want to give students an inspiring environment, and easy access to resources such as tutors, and enrichment activities, to keep students academically and socially engaged.

Since we first sat down with Ronit Tehrani, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of So2Speak.Org in November, a great deal has changed for this thriving and innovative program. Since January 2015, The Homework Bar & Lounge has gained local and national attention for its groundbreaking approach to ensuring the quality of education that teenagers receive outside the classroom. The Bar & Lounge has been featured in several local blogs as well several notable news sources such as, CBS, and Main Line Media News.

The program is being hailed as one of the best ideas in education to date with its relaxed atmosphere while still promoting the importance of education. At the Homework Bar & Lounge there are three floors of ping pong and pool tables, enriching classes such as yoga, and a food bar with an array of choices. On the other hand there are spaces for homework with study rooms and tutors always on hand to assist the students. “There’s not really anything like this,” said Noah Kalendar, of Bala Cynwyd, a junior at Kohelet Yeshiva High School, who said he visits a few times a week. They launched the program in a suburban location to get it started, though they hope to expand into Philadelphia or other cities where they want to offer scholarship opportunities so that any student can attend.

Au’loni Magazine was honored to have the first interview with So2Speak.Org about the Homework bar & Lounge in November 2014. The amount of success you’ve had since your launch in December is truly admirable and we wish Ms. Ronit Tehrani much success with the program. We’ll be watching!

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