Philadelphia, PA- There are various things on this planet that are considered

necessities by most people’s standards including food, water, and clothes. I’m going

to go ahead and add hot sauce to that list, because who doesn’t love some delectable

hot sauce smeared on pretty much any meal?


Lawrence Wu, creator and CEO of WUJU hot sauce set out to change the face and

integrity of hot sauce by creating a recipe that perfectly incorporates both

sweetness and spiciness.


“WUJU Hot Sauce is the perfect blend of heat and sweet. With Thai-inspired flavors,

this sauce tastefully organizes spices, peppers, mango, mustard, agave nectar, and

sugar, into a full rush of flavor.”


Having parents who own their own chain of Asian fusion restaurants, Lawrence

grew up with the idea constantly in his mind. Although he saw the hard work and

dedication that business owning involves, he was drawn to the idea of one day

owning his own business.


One night while eating dinner at his friend’s house, inspiration came to him in the

form of hot sauce that his friend’s father had created. From that moment on, he

knew that selling a unique, original hot sauce was something that he could make a

business out of. And thus, WUJU hot sauce was born.


“I was only a few months into my first full-time corporate job after graduating when

I thought hey, maybe I give both my current job and building a hot sauce company a

try at once and just see where it goes. Ever since then, it’s been kind of a marathon.”

From November to January of 2014, Lawrence spent countless hours perfecting

every aspect of his recipe, from the spiciness and sweetness, to the heat and

saltiness. By the end of January, 2014 they had manufactured 2,400 bottles. Since

then, the business has grown and has recently launched their 30-day campaign



WUJU will be donating $500 for every $10,000 raised from their 30-day launch

through to The Hope Lodge. After partnering with Drexel

University’s Center of Hospitality, Lawrence was introduced to The Hope Lodge, an

organization that provides cooking lessons and dinners to cancer patients.

The Au’loni Magazine staff was truly amazed with his willingness to give back. It is

clear that Lawrence’s vision to make WUJU an “everything” sauce has truly been



Where does Lawrence see WUJU going in the future? Aside from creating a few more

flavors, Lawrence has big plans for his delectable sauce..


“The ideal end result would be me walking into a restaurant or grocery store and

watching people use or pick up WUJU Hot Sauce over these sauces like Tabasco or

Frank’s that have just been around forever. That’s when I will truly know that I’ve

done my job in setting a new standard and level of integrity for not only hot sauces,

but maybe condiments as well.”


Soon enough people will be adding WUJU to the top of their grocery lists, and in the

absence of the sauce at breakfast, lunch or dinner people will be questioning,

“Where’s the WUJU?”