Raleigh, NC – From women all over the world applying make-up, to hair extensions, to the finest apparel; there are various techniques that are often used for women to indulge in when they are seeking to amplify their beauty beyond the outer symmetries of their appearances. But seriously, how often do we really stop and look within ourselves at the inner components?

Tameka Lynn is helping women do just that!

Lynn began her quest for inner beauty several years ago when she launched her organization Pamper Me Sexy, Confidently You!

Interestingly enough, she wasn’t looking to enhance the outer surface of her image, only the inside. During a time in her life where she felt unworthy of success, Lynn began to seek tips and advice from other women about how they were able to communicate assertiveness and boost their self-confidence, vocally. She was embarking on a journey to understand why so many women lacked confidence, even those who “appeared” confident in public as she noticed.

While searching and unable to find any women support groups or services to join and interact with in her area, Lynn began one of her own, which was Pamper Me Sexy. The name came surfaced due to how most women desire to feel but shy away from discussing.

When women feel sexy on the inside, they can confidently convey that message on the outside. -Tameka Lynn

Lynns’ mission is to assist women and young girls on a global landscape to understanding that sexiness is not just about being half-dressed or flirtatious, and also that it goes deeper than our self-images that we see when we look in the mirror at ourselves. She feels that sexiness is simply being confidence about who you are, what you are, and where you are going in life.

Services like these are stepping stones for building stronger communities, because often, women get lost in what the media is showing them, and sometimes they feel that the images seen on television are what we are supposed to be. For young girls especially, this is a confidence breaker and it detours them from understanding their value as they grow into well-developed women. Adult women are slaves to this as well, and we have to come together to build stronger communities for the young females that are watching us.

Since established 2013, Pamper Me Sexy has become a well-recognized company in North Carolina and has traveled city to city holding self-image events, classes, and workshops. The organization also supports women who have successfully exited domestic violent courtships by supporting them in finding confidence after the storm of a negatively impacted relationship.

Inside a Pamper Me Sexy event, women receive one-on-one engagement with special guest speakers and a Fashion Show that showcases how to look and feel sexy professionally and with clothing on. The segment shares styles for girls and women of all ages.

When we asked Ms. Lynn to provide a synopsis of what she thinks “Being Sexy” actually means, she stated: Sexiness is anything about a woman and it’s every woman. It’s not our appearance or personality. It’s our ability to be united with other women, as well as be intelligent, educated, and confident.

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