IBJ: “You Run The Show- We Just Write It!”

With the great number of public relations and marketing services that are around, it seems harder and harder to find one that truly suits your business’ needs. IBJ PR & Marketing aims to provide their clients with an approach that is tailored to them. “We offer an innovative approach to developing the small business presence by building a strong foundation in their strategic planning and business presentations.” IBJ can prove to be a highly beneficial asset to any small business that is looking to grow. Their motto, “You Run The Show- We Just Write It!” embodies their focus on adapting their services to best fit each client’s unique needs and wants.

Au’loni had the opportunity to speak with the CEO of IBJ PR & Marketing, Chanette Sparks. Ms. Sparks has a professional background in PR & Marketing with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, both which she utilized in creating IBJ. The story behind how Ms. Sparks came to build IBJ is quite unique. It all started about five years ago, when she was working with her partner on their children’s party planning company. “I had a client from the company call me and ask who does our marketing. I replied, I do my own marketing!” The client turned out to be with a major company and asked Ms. Sparks to do some work for her, which is how IBJ got started.

IBJ offers a wide array of services including copy writing, press releases, media kits, website content, along with corporate and small business work, just to name a small few of them. “We also focus on brand protection and crisis management for businesses to ensure that there is nothing going on in the media about their organization that they are not aware of.” This process, paired with social media content, editorial work and all of the media kits that clients ask for, makes each day extremely busy for Ms. Sparks and her employees. “A typical day with IBJ is a lot of writing and that’s where we got our motto.”

What makes IBJ an exceptional PR and marketing company is their extensive work with charities and non-profits. They are currently working with serval non-profits, two of which she described as very major projects. One non-profit they work with focuses on any family faced with economic hardships, providing them with food, clothing, or any general necessity that families require to survive, completely for free. “With that project, my goal is community outreach and to assure that both local and non-local charities are aware of who they are.” Another non-profit that IBJ works with focuses on children who have been molested or have fallen victim to any form of sexual abuse. They aim to raise awareness about it and let parents know what they need to watch out for in those scenarios. “I do a lot of community outreach as well with this company, along with crisis communication just because it is such a strong mission, that they need a lot of protection.” This work shows how IBJ sets itself apart from the rest.

As is true with any company, developing it was no easy task. Being a single mother with four children, one can imagine the challenges Ms. Sparks faced. “It was, and is, definitely a task to try and run a business and have children when you are doing it alone.” Ms. Sparks also described how staying organized with PR was a challenge because, “You always have to stay on your toes, at all times. There is no time to not be available. It’s pretty much a 24/7 job.” Meditation, motivation and organization are a few of the things that Ms. Sparks listed when describing how she overcame those challenges, putting great emphasis on staying organized.

For right now, their goals are just to expand in journalism for IBJ and increase the staff because of the heavy workload. “My long term goals are just to grow and become one of the top PR & marketing companies in the world, becoming internationally based.” Ms. Sparks is already making steps towards this goal, having one client out in China since her very first year with the business. You can check out their complete list of services, along with many other things about IBJ, on their website: http://www.initialsbyjake.com/